I was reported by atc on the Texas friday night flight.

After landing at kiah I vacated the runway switched to ground and tried to request permission to taxi to parking. I got no answer. So the traffic behind me landed and tried to vacate so I sent another request just to be safe. I was ignored again. Then I was reported for unbalility to communicate. It told me to contact a moderator. I need help with this because I did nothing wrong. I don’t know how to pm because this is my first blog post. Any help with this would be great because I don’t want it on my record and I felt like I was wrongly reported.

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Please send the name of the controller who reported you. (It can be found in logbook)

Then we will notify the controller to send PM for you since you are TL0 which is unable to message.

Got it, I’m Ground at KIAH

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all right the controllers name is Arthur

Are you sure that’s him? He’s done almost nothing on the IFC…


I can’t right now I believe so because of my rank in the forums

We’ve notified the controller, he will contact you. Thanks!

I mean it said that Arthur reported me

Thanks for the welcome. and no it wasn’t Lenny because he confirmed with me that it wasn’t him it was a guy names Arthur

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Does anyone know I mod I can contact because the report told me to contact a mod

do you recommend I contact him or will he join in the thread

If your controller has PM’ed you, you can ask the controller to add him to the thread.

He’s not needed :)

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