I was reported at KLAX for not following ATIS

Fellow pilots, last Friday i was flying from KLAX on CRJ-700 and soon after take off I was reported by ATC for not following ATIS. I followed all ATC instructions from ground and tower.

Request someone to review the report.

Thanks in advance!

The ATIS likely said “Straight Out Departures Only”

Did you fly to the end of the ILS cone and then turn to your destination


@Panther is your controller. I’ll get him in contact with you. He’s currently controlling so give him some time to respond. 🙂


Leave the questions to the DM between them plz :)

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Hey, please check your PMs, I’ve sent you a message.
Thanks everyone for helping


The report is already lapsed as far as prohibiting access to Expert, why now?

Referencing ground and tower seems odd, since it says ATIS.


I mean to say from pushback to take off I followed all instructions given to me.

Right…but that wasn’t what the report was for. Not following ATIS means you probably turned immediately after takeoff across an upwind or something.

We can’t know, you’d have to PM the controller, but listening to taxi instructions isn’t relevant to ignoring straight out in ATIS.


Yes I am following up with him in PM.

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