I was reported and I don’t understand why

For some reason atc reported me for entering a runway without permission. As you can see in my profile, I have only one violation for over speeding under FL100 and never been reported even after 130 hrs. I would never commit such a violation on expert server.


Contact the controller who reported you. Go to your logbook and tap on the flight where which you got reported. @Wesley_Ribeiro


Who was your controller?

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Where can I find such information?

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At what airport and time were you flying? In the future, you can check your controller in the logbook :)

in your logbook

Go to your Logbook. It will say who reported you. Send us a screenshot for easy access to resolve your problem.


I don’t remember, after ending the flight I closed. Just noticed today when I saw I was downgraded

On the bottom left of the lobby screen, there is a “Logbook” option.

Got it!

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That was me. Message me and I’ll explain it


That’s why you were reported! Now contact the controller.

Message @anon66442947 for details.