I was REALLY a noob

So it was still my early days of Infinite Flight, and I have a Youtube channel. I was like, “I want to fly” so I flew with Swiss004 to Frankfurt.

Months later…

It me from 2019 and I saw myself in this video.

I mean, I was the dumb 747, I’ll just explain the photos…

so let’s begin!

I was REALLY a noob

Family photo gone wrong

image Taxiing too fast I tilted (seriously, 33 knots???)

Taking off on a green runway, oh wait it’s just grass.

Times I wish replay was there.

(Normal) procedures

image I think I killed some first class passenger, oh well!


I mean I’m still learning and I’m still a noob with atc but I think im 500% better with my pilot skillz now. At least I hope…

If you guys are skeptical look and evaluate my flights with this video:

Also you guys think I should make this idea into a video?

  • Yes
  • No

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It proves that you’re learning from your mistakes perviously, which is a really good step. Always remember, no one makes no mistakes. Everyone starts as a rookie.

Happy flying!


Lmao… Swiss004 is a good buddy of mine on YouTube. Does he have an account on the IFC?

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Did you mean Swiss001?

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No Swiss004. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCY3POoFWBpIrQJaT_eYG0OA

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He commented on one of my yt videos

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Lol everyone’s talking about Swiss004

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