I was penalized

A change in the infinite caught my attention.
The time to penalize seems to have changed. I was now in EGLL and it distracts me because I went to see a website and I thought I was slow and unfortunately not.
I’m not sad and I do not want to complain. Actually, I’m praising. Because I already have a time that I notice that the notice of infraction appears and it is logical the time for you to fix this is that it was very good a fair time and the warning. Now, if you make a mistake not complain because you know it.
Congratulations to the staff this yes is perfect.


Uhhh… so what are you saying?

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@Maxmustang Can you translate?


Just congratulations to the team because now the time for you to see the error and correct was good.

Sorry i domy understand maybe if you rephrase it I can help

It’s good that you were able to recognize your mistakes. You now know what you need to do in the future to prevent an incident such as this from happening again. It’s all about the learning experience and it seems you’ve learned in this particular situation :)


There is nothing to translate
I’m praising the changes I’ve noticed in the infinite flight.
Before, I did not have time to correct course or speed.
You were punished, it was too fast.
Now have a good time you see the error and fix.
I distract myself but I can not complain I received notice 1 and 2 at the ideal time.
I am sincero now these speed error or other similar can not complain. You have time to correct.

I understand that. Yeah I would be far from grade 3 by now.

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I was punished but I liked to see the process and the warnings that helps a lot and ends for me with the problems. In this case I am grade 3 now, but I deserved it. Had the warnings if I had not been distracted I would have seen the first one.
This setting in infinite was the best thing I saw in the update.

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@demetrius_Souza. MaxSez: I salute you Sir. Your candor is refreshing. May you fly with Eagles. Warmest Regards, Max

MaxSez: Eu te saúdo senhor. Sua franqueza é refrescante. Você pode voar com as águias. Seu, Max

(Info: @Balloonchaser)


thank you for kindness


Hope you learned what not to do so that it doesn’t happen next time?