I was just wondering…

I LOVE what you guys have done. My faverate plane is the q400, i was just wondering if maybe you guys can give it the other ground severices? At least for jetway connection. Not asking for whole aircraft redo as i know that would be a ton of work.

Thanks! :)

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Also for airports without jetways maybe just a simple step stool. I don’t care if the door opens or not. My friends agree. :)

The problem with the Q400 is the door is too low for a jetbridge and when the Q400 was created, it didn’t come with the pax feature unlike the CRJs. It is also not realistic for Q400s to have jet bridges

You can vote for a Q400 rework that could also include a new door animation with the rework:


I believe that one of the main reasons that jetbridges can’t connected to the Dash 8 in Infinite Flight is because it’s very rare for it to occur in real life. Almost all boarding of Dash 8’s are done using the normal aircraft door stairs with a little step stool as you’ve mentioned.

In the rare event that a Dash 8 does use a jet bridge for boarding, there is an additional connector that is required to make the jet bridge compatible with the Dash 8 which was mean the team would need to work on modelling and animating this.

In my personal opinion, I believe the team would have higher priorities on their list than modelling and animating the connector required for Dash 8’s to use a jet bridge similar to the real world operations/procedures.

Yes sometimes that extra pice is required.

However, it is not fully nessisary. I am from Canada, and I’ve flown westjet a lot. In most cases I’ve seen, they just placed the jetway slightly over the fold down stairs.

They also do it this way with the crj series too. Even in the game.
It would be like that, but without the door actually folding.

However, you are definitely right

Just to let ya know - we do Infact use jet bridges on the Q400 depending on the airport


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