I was Grade 3 Now I’m Grade 1

Hi, I was Grade 3 Yesterday and then my friend pointed out to me today that I was Grade 1 today I don’t know why this has happened as I’m a good pilot.


Try clicking on the ‘i’ to know the reason you were demoted to grade 1.


Did you do something a little bit silly on the Expert Server?


Ok, thanks, its really annoying

No, because I haven’t been on expert for about a month

Violations exist on the training server. Please

Then send us the picture


Okay, but yes, as the other guy said, just look at your grade information

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I was talking about ghosting

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Ok, I did a flight yesterday when I was Grade 3 and it gave me a warning on training server, I left it to fly over night and it crashed don’t know if that has anything to do with it

I guess you may have received violations then. Violations wear off in 7 days.


It gave you a warning during cruise. What was your cruise speed and what was your aircraft?
If it warns you, you slow down, you slam on those brakes to prevent a violation. Violation exist on Training Server

Its probably your violations, most likely speeding.

It was on departure in a heavy 777 from Auckland to Doha

Yes, it was violations. Just wait 7 days and you’ll be back up to grade 3 again.

You’ve recieved 6 violations. You’ll be able to access expert server in 7 days.

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Ahh, ok so in a week I will be back on Grade 3 if no violations?

Yes, you’ll be back to grade 3 in 7 days. Simply follow the below guidelines to not receive a violation again :)

Ok, thanks for the help, I will probably stick to casual server.

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Can I also ask what aircraft and what speed you were going? This will prevent you from getting violations again and also save you fuel and time

Ok, what do you mean by save your fuel and time? It was a 777-300ER on departure 250 Kts Cruiseing at 260 Kts