I was given a violation for no reason

I was trying to land at eddf and contacted atc they said disregard flight plan follow atc instructions and I was never given any instructions like what the heck ruined my whole flight I was never given Any sort of headings or alt I want my violation to be revoked or the air traffic controller to get better train and not give out violations for no reason like this. I am very in happy with this.


Please contact your controller @United2 via PM to discuss this report


Then you’re not supposed to do anything.


Contact @appeals or @United2 who was controlling at the time. I am sure he will be more than willing to explain why you were reported.

Contact the controller they will talk with you about the report , no need for this thread.

Ye but he gave me a violation when I did not do anything and he said not following instructions when I was not given any

also don’t contact the staff because they don’t like to be bothered so mods are there to talk to about violations

Please, just contact the controller in private.

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Ok I will thanks guys

Well there was a reason. Most likely he told you to deviate and follow his instructions but you didn’t.

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If this truly is the case, then contact @appeals , and they’ll remove it. It’s as simple as that.

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Ok, the same thing has been repeated over and over again. No need to say the same thing 5 times:)