I was ghosted

Hi i was ghosted by approaches because i did not follow instruction but i am followed all instructions but tower ghosted me ididnot why

My flight

Please take this to a DM with the IFATC that ghosted you or @Tyler_Shelton and they will do everything to help!

Hi, can you check your logbook to see who the controller is?

Hey there! Check your logbook and see who was the ATC whom reported you and check the reason. If that doesn’t fell your needs, you can PM him and see what the problem was… Cheers!

In addition to the above information, please include your callsign, display name, and the UTC time of ghosting in your PM to the controller.

His name
Adam macaulay IFTC

@Adam_Macaulay is your guy. I will talk it over with Adam. Expect a PM soon.