I was ghosted, do you know why?

So yesterday at about 16:00 Zulu time I wanted to take a flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur with an A319, Tiger air. My callsign was Go Cat 3 65 and my name was Xpheros. So I pushed back from the gate and started to taxi to 20R. When I hold short at runway 20R, there was plane that took off and at the same time a plane landing on the same runway (20R). I forgot if he landed or did a go around but there was nobody on the runway or in bound on 20R. So then I told Unicom that I was going to takeoff. So I lined up and waited on the runway for 10 seconds. At the same time a person was landing on runway 20C. Nobody was landing on the right one. So just to be sure, I said that I was going to takeoff again. And when I took off, during the take off it said I was reported. This might sound stupid but because of the red message I got a shock and quickly ended the flight without reading the whole message.
Btw, there was no atc at that time.

This time I don’t know who ghosted me but if I would I wouldn’t have done it because I don’t really like calling names in public…

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Expert or TS1 if Either 3 people possibly reported you I highly doubt a IFATC would do such a thing from different airport

Seriously people? If you can help out then don’t comment.

Is this expert or training?


It was the Expert server

This sounds like it was a system intiated ghost, you can’t be inactive on an uncontrolled runway for a certain amount of time, it does ghost you but I’m sure it gives you a warning,

Possible solutions, start a slow take off roll to avoid the inactivity

Or taxi off the runway and go around to hold short until your clear of any potential conflicting traffic.

Expert server. Really sorry I didn’t say that

Maybe he was still approaching the runway at this point

[quote=“Xpheros, post:1, topic:129492”]
So I lined up and waited on the runway for 10 seconds
[/quote] 99% sure that’s why. Why did you wait? If you announce takeoff, takeoff

Hmmm @IceBlue will help a lot more than me I very highly doubt IFATC did that Reported 3 times most likely

I know the system ghost with the staying to the runway too long and it took 2 mins. to happen, not 10 sec.

There was also nobody inbound, or on the runway

I recommend PM’ing @Tyler_Shelton as it is posible a moderator ghosted you

That is what I was thinking…

It was probably a user report. You probably did something that upset another pilot. The thing is planes in the air always has priority over planes on the ground. Maybe you did look more closely and someone was indeed trying to land at runway 20R.

If this was the problem I suggest you next time look on your map for incoming traffic. And when before you enter the runway, go to orbit view and look around your surroundings. Kinda like driving.

Everyone who wasn’t there, please stop tossing out guesses.


Contact one of the ATC mods, they will be able to tell you why you were ghosted.


Please contact any of the ATC moderators for further assistance, with this in mind.