I was ghosted but it wasn’t my fault

Hey I was on approach into São Paulo when sunddenly my aircraft went into a stall keep in mind when this stall occurred I was given instructions to turn and decend but there is no way I could of tried to recover from the stall and decend and turn to the heading all at once I had to disengage the autopilot just to recover and I was about to make the turn and decend to 5000ft I have all the footage on replay can I send this in and hopefully get this ghosting removed as it was a mistake and I don’t think the controller understood what happens I pure freaked out and tried to maintain control please if this could be lifted it would mean a lot thanks

Hello! When did this ghost occur?

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About 20 minutes ago

Check your logbook and see who ghosted you.

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PM whoever ghosted you and explain the situation

@Captainmejia22 he cannot PM yet.

Then the controller will contact him


Hi! Thanks for reaching out. Your controller was @Edivan_dcds.

Since you’re unable to PM due to your trust level, Edivan will send you a PM shortly. Thanks in advance for your patience!