I was ghosted because of the ATC's mistake...

IFATC Ben Tyson needs to be retrained asap or punished for misuse of his ATC ghosting powers… I was flying Canberra to Bankstown when Bankstown denied entry due to heavy traffic so I decided to divert to Sydney and set auto pilot to enter right downwind 34L then contacted control who then told me enter right downwind 34R a much shorter runway that I could not land my 747 on keep in mind this and the other runway is easily around 10000 ft long so I ask for a runway change and he accepts so I’m back to 34L then on short final he says cleared to land 34R and in order to meet his demand I slipped a 747 on short final to line up with the other runway then tried to land and had to go around then he says enter right downwind 34R even though I cannot possibly land safely there so I ask him for a runway change 3 times then he ghosts me because I couldn’t land on a runway that an “advanced” controller assigned me. I’ve seen better ATCs in SOCAL Playground then this guy. Thank you staff for sorting this like I know you will


I have made the controller aware of your concern. When he is able to discuss it with you he will.

Thank you Tom

Also to clarify to everyone I was using heavy in my callsign

Bankstown can’t support a 747.


That’s why he diverted.

I have also had problems with this controller that for a minute I thought I was on PG. I was sitting at KSAN yesterday waiting for some friends to join & for Laura to land. I told ATC “stand by” that was all I said he then tells me to taxi to rwy 27. I said stand by again. He then later again tells me to taxi to rwy 27. I thought this was pretty poor for an advanced controller.

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I recently also have issues with controllers ghosting way too soon.

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Oh well in the main post he diverted because of heavy traffic.

Oh sorry thought it said diverted due to aircraft being too large.

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At YSSY 34L is 3962m whilst 34R is 2438m. Both are perfectly adequate to land a 747, and there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to safely land on either runway.


No there not

No what is not?

I have messaged you via pm

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That is what I’ve thought

It was reduced visibility high crosswinds but even on a regular day no not 34R 747s and a380s get 34L

Thank you Ben

8000 feet is way more than enough to land a 747. You would want the longer of the two runways for take off tho

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Sorry about yesterday, the reason I told you to taxi, is because I was going offline, so I was giving you clearance if you were to taxi. So the next controller did not come into mayhem, as it was busy

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What’s reduced vis got to do with anything?

Crosswinds do not affect landing distance. Headwinds and tailwinds do though.