I was falsely reported

I was falsely reported for spamming the frequency but i was on emergency fuel and only flew less than 3 hours. I tried to pm the IFATC controller to no avail. And the airport was nit accepting incoming aircraft. Can someone give some advice. And also can i also know how to speak to a ifatc’s recruiter to inform them?

If you’ve messaged the controller, they shall respond when they are available :)

A simple advice would be to set, like I
in real life, an alternate airport in case the primary isn’t usable.

hi same reporting happened to me but i talked with moderator and sent replay to them and they reversed if as i didn’t had any fault. So please contact moderators they can help and tell you the procedure to share the replay.


The first thing you need to do is to search in your logbook for the Controller dispay name.

Then search the IFC name here

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Hello @Navalkid_69

Sorry about your report. If you get reported there is now a group of staff that are there to help sort it out here called @reports.

Thank you for that

I had no flight plan filled, i planned to just get practice take off fly VFR and land again with controllers whatch.

Thanks how do i contect a moderator? Sorry im still new to forums i am only basic user

There was not any around for at that situation i was in. At kease i did nit see any whithin my range at that point.

Just to add on. The IFATC is a guy Brandon like just that name if anyone knows his recruiter that woukd be great

you can contact @Levet @Chris_S anyone of them. DM them your problem they will surely help.

Oh i dmed anotger guys sabestian.

@BrandonHG is your controller. Are you sure you contacted the right one? Once he is done controlling he will get back to you in a fashionably quick style.

Not sure who cuz i checked his name it was just brandon

It’s the name that I listed. Contact him :)

Yeah i think ill do that next time ill try at lease. Will just giving up and closing the app be an idea

Ok thanks for the help

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Alright everyone, please avoid speculation until the matter has been resolved.

Please do not try and speculate what happened. The only people who should be trying to figure out what happened are moderators, the controller and pilot.

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