I was downgraded

I don’t know why I’m now lvl1 but I was grade three

Landings per 90 days? Ghost? Or violations? Post your logbook please

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Could you send us a screenshot of your grade table? You probably have too many violations.

You have 6 violations. You will have to wait one week for those violations, and then you’ll be back at Grade 3.



Last night I fell asleep with infinite flight running and I forgot to throttle down below 250 so it was at 96% power


That would explain why you got 6 violations. This is what is called “pilot error”. Nothing anybody can do about it except for you.

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Please don’t reply “but I didn’t get any violations”.

I promise those are 6 overspeed violations. You set your speed high at a low altitude for a long flight, left your device, and as you climbed to your cruise altitude, the overspeed indicator fell, but you didn’t slow down (because you weren’t watching).

[Or the trip down, apparently. At least you know why, so Kudos to you.]

It’s not a bug.


I didn’t say it was a bug

Most people do, that’s why he said that. He never said you said it was a bug.

I was typing at the same time.

I’ve seen this 1000 times. I’ve changed it to congratulate you for figuring it out

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What does the logbook have to do with violations

If it makes you feel any better, you aren’t the only one who has fallen asleep with IF open :)

There is no need to get agressive towards anyone. Mistakes happen with quick typing, etc.

Lol I did know that I’m not the only one

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Problem solved in post 5. All information has been posted.