I was asked to check tutorials on the forum after exiting runway, and I don’t know why

Before I talk about this, I would like to apologize for my absolute ATROCIOUS flying at KEWR airport. I had to go around for approaching wrong runway, caused a hassle to tower and approach, and almost stalled out when told to “maintain slowest speed”. So I’m sorry to anyone who witnessed that.

Anyways, back on topic…

As I landed on runway 4L, tower told me to turn left when able and contact ground on the taxiway. I said “WILCO” and contacted ground. As I turned left I told ground “request taxi to parking” and he/she told me to check tutorials and I don’t know why? I’m not blaming ATC because they definitely know what they are doing so I would just like to know why they said that. Thanks.

Were you fully clear of the runway (passed the hold short line with all parts of the aircraft) before contacting ground?


My advice would be to contact the controller. Check the replay.


Don’t know, I’ll check.

Just did. Was he ground at the time?

Have you checked to see if you were fully clear of the runway, as I described above?
If you weren’t, this is likely why you received the check tutorials. You should only contact ground once fully clear of the runway.
If you were, feel free to contact the controller.

My plane was on the taxiway but half of it was still on the runway. So I’m assuming that’s why?

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Yep, that sounds like it.

I would still follow up with the controller just to confirm, though! :)

Yes I did.
Thanks for your help! It really teaches me how to properly contact ATC on expert. You are what make the community great :)


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