I was a grade 3

I was grade 3 before the update and now I’m at grade 2 so I spent some time to upgrade to grade 3 and I Achieved it and when I went back into the game it said I was grade 2 again

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Take a look at this.


Hi and welcome to the community we are glad you are here. I am sorry to hear that, as @Cap_J said above, during the 20.1 update, Infinite Flight made some new grade requirements. What I think happened was, after you got to GRADE 3 you lost some landings on your 90 day landing thing which caused your grade to go down.

Don’t worry tho, you will be back in the expert server skies soon

90 day landing was changed from 10 to 15
Maybe total landing was changed too, not sure

The total landings was 50 landings, now it’s 100 overall. Yes 15 landings every 90 days.

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