I wanted to share this app with you guys/gals atc live radio

This might be a little off topic but it is aviation related and I think you guys would enjoy it

I Purchased this app a little while ago it was 4 dollars I was a little skeptical if it was actually life or not.

I parked on a road near KEWR they were using runway for 4L for departures and 4r for landing

Edit note ::: It includes almost all of the major airports around the world

I was tuned into tower and watching the operations as I hear tower giving a JetBlue clearance for takeoff the plane started rolling about a second after the clearance and all of the inbound arrivals matched For example spirit air Canada FedEx etc.

Really a very very cool app it’s cool to see the procedures and you could tune into all aspects of airport radio
From Clarence ground departure arrival tower and

Hope the link works i have ios
I will add a screenshot of what the app icon looks like
I just searched ATC radio in the App Store and I think it was the second One
LiveATC Air Radio by LiveATC.net


No, this is LiveATC.

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