I wanted to move the Seek, I move the map (Replay Mode)

This bug exists since very very long time.
But never fixed :
iPhone 6
iOS 10.0.1
IF 16.12.0

Does the underworld still exist?

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How to make a support request. Please read on how to make a proper support thread good luck in fixing this :)

Off-topic but I want try

Oh sure ! I forgot infos :)

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Just click anywhere else away from the map on the timeline and the seek button will jump there. Then drag it to wherever you want to take it.


I know I’m not so stupid 🙄
But it doesn’t the change that the full banner can’t be used like it should do. Just saying


You can try to move the ‘Jog’ till where you want to move the seek.

Please guys. Don’t told me how I can bypass the bug! I know how to do! I was just saying that if someone want to move the Seek when he is over the map, that they can’t !

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You’ve placed it in the support category. So maximum we people here can do is tell you how to bypass it. If you want this bug to be removed, I think you should place it as a feature to disable map or something in replay mode.

Yes so if the #Bug category was there even, I would have posted it there

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