I want to Vote for these Features

Dear mods / fellow IFC,
Please advise which valid and open #features post request for :

  1. Split Scimitar winglet
  2. Add (multiple) liveries to A320
  3. Add (multiple) liveries to A330
  4. Add (multiple) liveries to A340
  5. Add (multiple) liveries to B738
  6. Wing Flex for ALL aircraft
  7. Taxiway Lights
  8. Ability to save Flight Plan and restore it in later/other flights
  9. Window/inside wing camera view

Sounds lazy but I did have search for those topics and found multiple posts so I don’t want to waste my votes to a post that isn’t valid. I also don’t want to duplicate.

This topic is not meant for arguing if they are needed/not so everyone please don’t start to :)

If this post should be in other category please help relocate it.

Many thanks to all who can help me.

Look for a topic in #features and vote. Simple.
The one with recent posts are valid.