I want to use a different device to use infinite flight but my progress does not transfer

I’ve been wanting to switch to a new device to play infinite flight but when I access my subscription, none of the progress I have already made transfers to my new device. Is there a way to try and make it so all that data can transfer? I would appreciate a response. Thanks!

@schyllberg should be able to help you in that department once the IF team returns from holiday. Been in the exact same pickle before.

Do you know when they return from holiday so I know when to get help?

Likely won’t be until the New Year.

What do you mean by all your data won’t transfer?

Have all your stats transferred okay? Replays are stored locally to the device so the only way to transfer those is to export them from Infinite Flight on your old device then import them onto your new device?

@JoeGiIF - you currently have two separate subscriptions on two different accounts. That’s the issue.
I can easily merge the accounts, but we can’t do much about the two separate subscriptions since all that is handled by Apple. But there’s no reason to have two :)

Oh okay. Should I just redownload infinite flight and have you guys just merge the two accounts. Also, when I got my new device, I did an iCloud backup and the subscription on my old account transferred to the new. So would I have to cancel the subscription on my new account?


Nevermind. I figured out how to access my account on my new device. Thank you!