I want to start Cargolux VA. Not enough Cargo VAs

I want to start Cargolux Va, and looking for great people to help start. Lets build one of the best Cargo Haulers on IF.

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I’d be completely down for that! Just sayin’!

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In fact, as I type this, I just noticed I’m flying a Cargolux 748F

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Glad to hear that you want to start a VA! Just keep in mind you already have a staff position at Nonstop Virtual, so you will have to resign to begin the approval process (my prior experience).

Anyhow, please keep future communications to a PM. Thanks!


Oh ok, i completely forgot about the staff role as far as starting a VA.

Yep, plus, I’d suggest joining a airline that has cargo, or a cargo airline. That way, you can progress up and become a staff if you choose to leave NSV.

Also, I think NSV Group has Martinair, right?

I believe that’s part of AFKLM virtual.

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Oh oops. My mistake

Martinair is AFKLM for sure


  1. This is not a VA advertisement thread.
  2. I’m in Star Alliance Virtual, so I have contacts in the NSV board. Thanks anyways :)

I wish you luck, there definitely need to be more cargo VA’s out there!

To attract the most people, go all out. Don’t submit the application until everything is virtually perfect; no one likes seeing a messy website or a bad VA structure.

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Hi @Captain_Millz, I started the cargo division in GAT, and a full cargo VA hits a few immediate issues that you should look to resolve.

  1. Not all featured airports have cargo or can fit largo cargo aircraft. I suggest a executive fleet and some 208Fs to fix this

  2. Advancement with so few aircraft is a pain, so I would do a non unlock based rank system. Instead, have them rank up and reward them with other stuff

  3. You really have to do full simulation (like, you take off where you last landed) to keep a cargo VA engaging with such a low variety of aircraft for pilots.

  4. Personally, I suggest no fixed routes for a cargo VA, but call anything not a route a “charter flight”.

Along with this, a good crew center and a tight knit discord or slack server are sone keys in all cargo VAs. I’m small/ cargo VAs, people want a good time and friends, so hold events on the discord to keep moral up. Feel free to PM me with any questions

Im trying to figure out what i did wrong 🤔
I have contacts for NSV as well, and im apart of Star Alliance as well, sooo what exactly are we talking about?

You don’t ask people to join NSV on a thread about starting Cargolux VA. That’s advertising NSV. You can PM the person, but you don’t advertise.

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Apologizies, my dear friends

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Check your PMs mate

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