I want to see them all [WT]

At the moment i stay in Venice (offline). Around 15:00/16:00 i’ll go back into the IF Sky and keep flying eastbound. Following me is a little bit hard because sometimes i just fly, at other days i write it here that i fly soon and even at other days i already know what routes i fly next day. When i take off within the next hour, i post a link here!

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At nighttime i took the plane again, saw a beautiful sunset at Venice and hopped over to Ljubiljana! Only 36 Minutes of flight time, 201NM between those two cities
Here are two pictures from that flight!

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I keep flying, but i’ll try to fly much more this weekend to make a big step to come closer to finish Episose 1. Leg 23 is completed, from Ljubeljana to Budapest. I stayed in the Air for 262NM and 42 minutes.

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Episode 1, Leg 24 and 25 are completed. From LHBP (Budapest) to LYBE (Belgrade), a 36 minutes flight, only 176NM and Leg25 from LYBE (Belgrade) to LYPG (Podgorica), 38 minutes in the air while flying 184NM.
With Leg 25, i flew 17530NM in total!!

Here are the pictures from both flights:

Ready for Takeoff!

Looks like good view in Belgrade

Escaping the fog! On my way to Podgorica


Episode 1, Leg 26,27,28 and 29 are completed. From Podgorica i flew to Pristina, 25 minutes long flight and 129NM. Then, i flew from Pristina to Skopje, 19 minutes and 102NM! After that, i decided to change my direction. I flew from Skopje 1:22H long to Valletta, 536NM, and then 2:20H from Valletta to Gibraltar, 969NM. Now it is Time to see the British Islands!
Follow me here: LiveFlight | Flight Tracker for Infinite Flight

Here are some chosen pictures for you:

On my way from Valletta to Gibraltar, i flew over Africa for the first time!


Episode 1, leg 30 and 31 got completed last year, i’ll be back soon! 2:05 Hours in the air from Gibraltar to Jersey, 833NM. Here are some pictures from that night flight:

Leaving Gibraltar

parked in Jersey after a hard go around and a pilot without comunication

At the morning after that day i left Jersey again to head up to London (1:04H 380NM) . Due to medical emergency i circled above Sevenoaks near London before an good Atc brought me safely to the ground!
Here is a picture from my takeoff from Jersey

Now here is coming my last picture from 2018 close to Brighton:

Best Infinite Flight Photos Part 2 [Official Thread] - #1008 by Fariz_Rizky and there was a good spotter in London xD


When are you inbound to KPDX or KNLC?

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Hey could I join IF global navy? (dedicated F-14 pilot here would transfer to F/A-18 soon.)

We actually recently disbanded and moved to a new game.

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@Mattheus i had a 1 month break in this world tour, flew some international flights in 2018 and went back in the air yesterday, after flying all those British countries i’ll go east again before moving again west, iceland, Canada and then USA!

So I think at the end of February

Episode 1, leg 32, 33 and 34 are completed. I am a little bit sorry, all those pictures are at nighttime, but i have good news, the days are getting longer again!

Leg 32, i left London now and went up to Belfast! Within 55minutes i flew 297NM and had a nice view over the city:

Leavin London behind!

Gear out! Looking above Belfast

I havent stayed there for a long time, i reloaded the plane and went down to Guersey! 374NM with strong Tailwind in only 51minutes!

Cockpit ready!

At daytime it would be a nice view

Leg 34, i went to Dublin, headwind, 1:03H and 319NM:

Leaving the island behind

Taxing to the gate in Dublin

LT Tom Kazansky landed minutes after my arrival in Dublin


Go to Brussels International Airport/ EBBR/ Zaventem :) ;) <3 <3

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I’ll go there soon, i want to see Edinburgh and Isle of Man before I go to Belgium, Netherlands and the east of europe @T1MMY4L1F3_YT

Well i saw that i already visited brussels :o

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Before my flights turn back to daylight, i once again flew through the night. Leg 35 from Dublin to Vagar, the flighttime were 1:20H and 522NM!

Getting closer to faroer in the night

In the morning light i decided to leave vagar again to head down 436NM to Edinburgh. With an flight time of 1:29H i was very slowly and enjoyed the view above scottish terrain:

Goood morning Vagar!

One look back above the islands of faroer

Landed and parked in Edinburgh!

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Episode 1, leg 37 and 38 are completed! From Edinburgh fo Cardiff (0:57H 325NM) and then to Amsterdam (0:56H 386NM)

Fly out of Edinburgh

Close to Cardiff

Out of Cardiff, lets go to Amsterdam

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I keep gettin closer to end my first episode in Europe. Leg 39 (Amsterdam - Isle of Man 1:03H 359NM) and leg 40 (Isle of Man - Oslo 1:34 681NM) are completed now. In Oslo happend something weird, thought i was flying on casual ( When you think you are on expert )

Leaving Amsterdam

Welcome to the isle of man!

Leaving the Island again and started flying to Oslo

Already dark above Oslo, end of two beautiful flights


How is it coming along?

When you go to the Caribbean, you should visit Grenada (TGPY)

Looks nice! If you were to do it in a Super Decathlon that would take forever since it is not equipped with AP. Good luck anyways!

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At the moment i have stopped flying, now I am on my way trough Germany with bicycle so I cant fly until 24th of April, I already now I will fly then further trough europe to get that done

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