I want to see them all [WT]


Hello, today i want to start bringing a idea to become a plan. Inspired by a world tour in an A318, thank you @ItsBlitz. I thought: “yes, a world tour might not be that bad” But flying once around the globe? Is that enough for me?

In a TBM it would be a nice challenge, or in a Super Decathlon, but I want to take a A318 around the world, I just like that plane more than every other one but once around the world, too easy!

I will take the A318 to every country in the world!
This Huge plan will start at my home airport in Bremen, Germany soon and will go fly around europe. I try and make 7 episodes for 7 "main continents " and do possibly over 400 legs.

My first episode: EUROPE

  1. Bremen, Germany -> Tirana, Albania
  2. Tirana, Albania -> Andorra la Vella, Andorra
  3. Andorra la Vealla, Andora -> Yerevan, Armenia
  4. Yerevan, Armenia -> Vienna, Austria
  5. Vienna, Austria -> Baku, Azerbaijan

Those are my first 5 legs, they will all be documented with pictures, shared here. Those 5 legs will be completed from 8th November to 11 November.

What do you think about the idea travelling the world by plane, and i mean the maximal amount of countries?

Have a nice day, Bremen to Tirana starts now!


Looks fun, might have to join you on one.


Yeah we will find a nice way to connect our plans :p i’m still thankful to you, I thought it might be a terrible idea to travel the world


Episode 1 , leg 1 completed. 1:58h and 864NM between EDDW (Bremen) and LATI (Tirana). Here are some pictures:

Normally I fly 3 or 4 times a weak from EDDW to European cities. It hurt a little bit to leave my home airport for a world tour. It might take some months before I see EDDW again.

dark night landing in LATI


Maybe when you are passing in the United States, my VA can give you an escort. We are known as IFGN. (Infinite Flight Global Navy).


What a nice offer, North America is now episode 2, I think i’ll spend some more time in the United States. I’ll want to visit JFK, Miami and some time later LA and Seattle.
I’ll tell you when I come to USA or you see it here


Don’t forget to stop in Portland!


I am open for city tipps :) I’ll come there to meet up with you😇 portland in oregon?


Actually, come to KSFO and KPDX. I can talk to my commander about authorizing you to land at KNLC (Navy Base).


I think It will take a while but that sounds interesting, 5 airports on the west coast of the Usa that I might visit. It would be nice landing with you at your Base but it is in some months or even later, enough time to plan.

I’ll now go and fly leg 2


Come to KPDX and KNLC last. It will take me a few hours to alert him as I am busy for the day.


It will take me a month come to the USA, keep calm :)


Episode 1, leg 2 completed. 2:26h (strong wind from ahead, 3x go arounds in the mountains), 940NM between LATI (Tirana) and LESU ( Andorra – La Seu d’Urgell)

Prepare for takeoff

Somewhere over Italy

Taxing to the terminal. Terminal was on that side of the runway where I touched down hardly.


Very interesting, i might try this someday. Good luck and hope you enjoyed landing in LATI


Man, you are crazy lol. I suggest you turn this into a tracking thread so people can see where you are and maybe join you. If you want an inverted escort, you just let me know ;)


@MarLatiSpotter I came from the north, passed Tirana and made a 180 turn for runway 36. It is beautiful and nice to land there at daytime, in the night i thought it might be a horrible landing because I was scared by terrain (same in andorra, but there it was between high mountains)

After 2legs I can say I saw 2 beautiful airports. Leg 3 comes today!

@Lucas_Brien how do I make a tracking thread? I am new :/


Oh so basically from what I understand, you just post every time you start/end a leg and can change the title to show the next leg. Up to you though.


I’ll take a look soon, in the next 2 hours i stay in the air on my way to armenia, yerevan, so i have enough time to take a look


If you get down to florida on a american saturday around 9 or 10 in the morning blue Angel’s virtual(not official cause of staffing problems) can give hi ou a c130 demo.


Make sure you stop at Pensacola airport