I want to say thank you

I just want to thank this community. I have been playing infinite I was 11 (2017) I am pretty new to being interested in aviation. Before I didn’t really get anything. I wanted to thank everyone in this community. From the time I found this forum this has been a very welcoming community. I have come a long way. This community has helped me in so many ways and I really enjoy aviation now. I just wanted to thank this amazing community


Thank you for being here! IFC is the perfect place to meet new people with common interests like aviation and to really spend quality time in (before anyone gets sarcastic, I don’t mean all of your life, but just time :)

We’re glad you’re here and glad we can help.

Also, if you want to fly together sometime, just let me know :) this goes for all o’ y’all :)


I am glad to see we helped out on your aviation journey. I hope you are enjoying the community and helping out other people in need!

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