I want to report bugs in the app!

I want to report bugs in the app!

After landing, the tires have not come down. The cargo doors remain open and the engines do not turn off, All the lights on the plane do not turn on or off. It all started, on a new server. Are these already known?

Hey there,

These issues are already known and are related to the recent expert server upgrades that took place. To put it simply, the aircraft states (such as the gear, doors, spoilers, etc.) are not synchronizing correctly, and a fix is being worked on. Refer to this for more information:

Be advised that server issues, such as this one, should be reported in the same thread I linked, so it is easier to keep track of them.

For now, though, there is nothing else you can do, other than wait for the devs to figure out a fix for this issue. I can assure you that they are hard at work investigating and will come up with it sooner, rather than later.

Hope this helped you understand what the current server situation is!


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