I want to refund my purchases

Hey, I would like to restore my purchases cause I don’t normally fly in Paris and I don’t fly the 777 the reason is cause I would like live can you help?

I have an RCA voyager 2 (yes it is compatible)

Can anyone help?

Yes but I don’t see a restore purchases button

I’m on android not iPhone

You will need to sign into the store with the exact same store account ID to reinstall previously purchased items. As long as it’s the same account ID, and there were no refunds, you won’t be charged again.

Oh? Well, it doesn’t work that way. Can’t sell back previous purchases no longer wanted to buy something else.


Lol I have never ever thought of refunding my purchases… Even if I won’t use the region frequently but at least I know, I will get to use it one day again.

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I quote this when Dush Helped me, and it works 😊
PS : Android User only

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