I want to overturn a Level 2 Violation

I was coming in for an approach to Auckland today, and everything was going smoothly at first. I had been flying in a 12-hour long haul flight from RKSI in a Boeing 777-300ER, expert server, so I was eager to get it finished. But when I tried to adjust my altitude via AP at the request of Auckland approach, I accidentally turned off my Auto-pilot. Immediately my plane began to dive, so I tried to recover. When it did, I panicked and immediately changed position, meaning now my phone was un-calibrated to my new sitting position.

Once I did calibrate it, I managed to start recovering. But the ATC warned me that I wasn’t following instructions. Before this, I had been following instructions to the tee, so it agitated me. By this point, I had dropped from 3000ft to almost 1000ft, and I couldn’t exceed 200kts. Given the fact that it was New Zealand, I was worried about the hills as well.

The 777 being such a heavy plane, it was tough to do quick climbs in a short amount of time. You can see my problem here.

If I had thrown my throttle into 100% while also doing a steep climb, it’d look like I’m doing acrobatics in an expert server, which I did not want. But because in the perspective of the ATC, my weird and sudden drop followed by a slow recovery meant I wasn’t following directions, I was ghosted and reported. A level 2 violation. This was frustrating, considering the time it took and my inability to apologize or signal that it was a blunder.

Is there any way I can overturn this? I know to some this may not seem like a big deal, but I had kept a relatively spotless grade table (apart from accidental speed violations over 250 days ago)

This happened at around 15:41 Z, earlier today.

Thank you for any feedback.


There is no need to create a full explanation, check your replays for the controller who gave you the report :)

You can check this guide if you need more help contacting them.


And make sure you contact the controller who reported you.

Thank you very much. As you can imagine, I’ve never had to do this prior lol

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I think it’s odd the controller ghosted you. He must’ve seen you lost an enormous chunk of altitude in such a short time.

He could’ve waited for your recovery, then give you additional instructions…

Anyway, good luck

Please contact the controller and/or @appeals via PM. Please be prepared to share your replay file.