I want to make a new account

Hello, Vincent here. I want to make a New acount because I got Banned from grade 3 before, because I didn’t know how to talk ATC and things like that But now I’m very good at it (I had played on My brother’s phone)

Thanks, Vincent Anderson.

You are welcome to create a new profile with a new subscription and fly. You will start over from scratch and will need to build your stats up.

While you are allowed to have multiple pilot profiles, you cannot have multiple forum profiles.


You weren’t banned from Grade 3, you were
probably ghosted/reported and you cannot fly on Expert for 7 days. This is because they encourage you to take the time to reflect on what you did wrong and watch the tutorials so you can get better.

I dont think you got entirely banned. Did you get reported? If so you will only have to wait 1 week. Enough time to watch some IF tutorials! :-)

What is scratch?

Scratch in this case means from the start. Also known as zero.

What do you mean with that you got banned? Creating a new account is quite complicated these days due to functionality we had to put in place because of App Store policies.

Could you perhaps share a copy of your grade table?

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What is your current callsign + display name in the app?

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Thanks for Helping me.

Handled via PM.