I want to join IFATC

I’ve been playing this game for nearly 8 years. I didn’t have a community account before.😂

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Why is the title saying I want to join IFATC and the post is completely different? Also welcome to the community.

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Here’s the requirements to join:


Just wanted to show my experience, hahaha

Lol, Ig that’s reasonable.

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Yeah but i didn’t get trust 1

Hi! If you are looking to join IFATC, I recommend making a tracking thread to let the community know when you are open, and they’ll probably pass by and give some feedback, and then after a few times of doing that and you think you’ve got the hand of it, go to this that @Darius_Glover sent and apply if you meet the requirements! Good luck, mate!

Also just an addition, to get Trust Levels, just stay active on the IFC and then it’ll bring you up :)

Ok thanks bro

No problem, have a great day!

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