I want to join any alliance

I want to join any alliance to be a member of the alliance

What should i do? What are the requirements for admission to the alliance

Example for alliance …

Check the #live:va category and choose one. Then apply.

As for “IFATA”, which I presume you mean IFATC, go here:


Do you want to join a Virtual Airline? Or a Virtual Alliance (eg: Skyteam, Oneworld and Star Alliance)?

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Do you advise me to join IFATC?

If you find Air Traffic Control fun. If not, there’s no point in doing so.

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Do you know other famous alliances other?

BAVA, AAVA, NSV, DLVA. Those are probably the biggest virtual airlines.

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Give me more information, how to subscribe?

How can I contact them in order to sign up with them?

Visit their threads:

Of course, you are not required to join these. There’s about 80 official VA/VOs. Visit the #live:va section and search through airlines and choose one you’d like to join.


Only if you wanna take a step further into ATC on Infinite Flight and are willing to learn how to be one

thank you very much
have a nice day
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The most famous “alliance” here is IFAE. Its notoriously difficult to join and is the single most professional group of aviation enthusiasts there is.

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