I want to join a VATC server in Discord


I would like to join an active server in Discord where I can directly talk to an ATC and fly.

Give me any links if you guys have

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Hey, VATC isn’t allowed anymore!


True, but BAVA have VATC as they had it before the rule was in place and it was a lot of work and Misha didn’t want them to throw it all away🙂


I’m in BAVA anyway, @theabdulrasheed if you want to do VATC I would suggest applying for BAVA.

Why did they remove VATC. and how can I apply. I just want to fly while talking to a real person.

I don’t know why they removed VATC.

You can apply for BAVA here!

I applied. Thanks!

No problem!

Can’t wait to see you being in BAVA

( Mod can Close this now )

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Guess we’ll be seeing you in the slack soon if you pass the test

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