I want to join a VA!

You forgot me :(


Mods close this topic, I have chosen Qantas.


Have fun over at Qantas! Make some nice landings! ;)

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If I ever leave I am joining Air France first.

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Our three leaders is
@BavariaAVIATION, @The_simulation_nerd and i

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The Leading Infinite Flight Virtual Airline

Hi Pilot8, just letting you know that Qantas Virtual Infinite Flight is inviting you to join. To start the joining process just follow the link below and sign up!


So what does Qantas Virtual Offer?

  • Shedules: (Qantas Virtual IF offers properly scheduled flights all over the infinite flight network. Start as a junior and work you way up this will unlock hard and better Shedules and aircraft)

  • Fleet: (Qantas Virtual not only offered every Qantas aircraft in the game but also Jetstar. Here at Qantas Virtual we have 3 sub-virtual airlines. Qantas, Jetstar, QantasLink (Now with dash-8).

  • Ranking system: (When you have passed through the signing up process you will be starting at the lower ranks, until you get your flight time up, you won’t rank up. To fly your schedules properly you must file a PIREP soon after flying it, all this is provided on the page of Infinite Flight!)

  • Signing Up: Here at Qantas Virtual there are two steps to signing up. You must first of course create an account than start your steps. Which are exams… The exams are Practical and Theory, both must be completed to join Qantas Virtual. If you do not have Live you won’t be able to complete your practical, and the situation will be handled at the time)

If you would like some more info please Private Message me on the community.

Our latest update…


This might be useful!

This was mentioned earlier on in this thread.

Jesus Christ. That went from one person exaggerating about their VA to another person doing it even worse, then it repeated :D

This is why I love this forum

But in all seriousness, it’s your choice of favorite airline, most VA’s offer the same service, which is why BAIF only have around 110 pilots, nobody like BA and most of the community members are from USA.

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He has already picked!!! Keep up!!

Hello, I’m the CEO of Saudia Virtual Airlines.

Why don’t you try out Air Berlin Virtual? :)

We are a relatively new airline, meaning we have a small group of trustworthy, and reliable pilots and staff members.

If you have any questions, just contact me on the forum ;)

Website: https://airberlinifva.wordpress.com


Contact me for portSide air (united airlines)

Sam airways somewhere in the VA section