I want to join a VA!

Ok guys, so I want to join a VA. In the comments, write your airline and I will join one. Thanks!
Please give a link.

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I don’t have a VA, but would you like to join the IFSA perhaps? 🙂

Recently created Air France Virtual. Realistic and relaxed at the same time, with bonus achievements and a wide fleet, this is the way to go!


Can you give a link also?

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Hi glad to see you want to join a VA. There are several posts that have lists of current VA’s please search the forum before posting.

United Airlines IF over 30+ Pilots in contracts with American Airlines and SouthJet PortAir contact me if youd like more info are website is www.UnitedAirlinesIF.weeby.com

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I see that but I want to find one that fits me.

Also contracts with British Airways and France.

IFES! Come and enjoy escorts, flights, weekly events, and much more!

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@Pilot8, from here you can also join our Slack page as well :) If you’d like to join our slack, we’ll send u an email (no need to post your email publicly, my Admins and I can see it 🙂)


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Not sure how this helps but I guess IFES is something you should consider

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With encrypted data, unlimited flight possibilities, advanced Flight plan filing, flight checklists and realism videos for pilots, Air France Virtual will perfectly suit you.

United Airlines Is growing and has regional and international flights right now we operate in Southern Cal region we have over 100 flights a day. We do are best to make sure are pilots are commuted to making are airlines bigger and better. If you’d like more info please go to are website contact me I did not say every but that’s just a clip of what we do. And I can show you how we make are airline realistic.

Here is a list of VAs on Infinite Flight.

I am with Qantas Virtual and can recommend it as a professional run organisation, been running for a number of years and has a great training and development system to help new pilot said gain experience in a realistic way.

The IFSA would be perfect (as @JFKPlaneSpotter101 said)!

Also, try DJet - DJet - The Private Jet VA

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Air France Virtual doesn’t even require a Live subscription! The intuitive, simple but professional Flight plan filing is all you need if you want to fly Solo!

It is now between Qantas and Air France and IFSA.

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@Pilot8 I can recommend TravelSky. We have loads of routes, in most regions. You can fly any route you want, when you want, just look up the flight number, update your callsign and you’re good to go. We use the generic livery, but that means we use many aircraft from the Dash-8, A318-21, 737, 777, A330, A340 and the 747.

See our website http://travelskyif.weebly.com/ or contact our leaders @BavariaAVIATION/@grxninesix


I am the CEO of CityHopper IF, we are a small new airline with contracts amongst the larger airlines. We opperate the Q400, A318 and the Cesna Citation. We would be happy for you to join. We opperate in all the regions and are recruiting both pilots and higher management roles. If you don’t have any of the above it doesn’t matter we are flexible.
CEO of CityHopper IF
Josh Mcmunn