I want to do a night flight

Hi guys I want to do a night flight today

I want to take off from OTHH at 0100Z

what airport would have active ATC when I land? At around 1100z - 1300z

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i was gonna do OTHH-SBGR (San Paolo) on the Qatar a350. I know that san Paolo will most likely have IFATC coverage when you would land

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Awesome! Wanna do it together?

There’s no prevision for that one, just telling you that Brasilia may be busy tomorrow so keep an eye on that!

Let’s hope to have ATC at your landing time :)

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I’d rather have ATC when I land I hate using the boring Unicom so unrealistic


I’d make a #live:groupflights topic for your flight!

You can find all of the details about how to make one here!

And if you want to go to the hubs, looks like SAEZ and SBGR will be the busiest tomorrow!

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It could be really boring, i know.

Fingers crossed to SBGR and SBBR tomorrow

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Sure! Though i was gonna do it a bit earlier at about 0030 Z, because that would fit my schedule

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Perfect we will do at 0030Z I finish work at 2300Z so I should have enough time how long is the flight ?
And do you have discord we could message on there

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It’s supposed to be around 16 hours. And no, i do not have discord, sorry

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Oh damn I can’t do that then because I’ll be doing the flight on my own phone and I’ll need it throughout the day, if it was 12 hours then that could’ve been okay

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Oh thats too bad.

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