I want to change my user name

Hey 👋

I want to change my user name, I change it every year, in this case it’ll be 2021 but it doesn’t let me.

How I do it?



You can PM @moderators. Remember, you can only change your name once

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As @MJP_27 said…

You cant change your name again next year.

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Hello there, hope all is well! You must ask a moderator of the community to change that for you. Just remember that you can only change it once 😉

Hm 🧐

The last time I change it was 2019 as you can see 😂

If you’ve already changed it before, you can’t change it again.


That makes sense…

I’ll wait for a mod 👍👍

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r i p 😂

you are gonna stay with 2019😂


Please send a message to @moderators and we will be happy to assist.