I want to buy a Thrustmaster joystick and thrust

Hi, I’m interested in buying a Thrustmaster Sidestick and thrust and wanted to know if it it work for infinite flight, but wasn’t to sure can someone tell me if it will work, i know that I have to download a wed site on my computer and then into infinite flight, thank you.

it work if you use an app like that:

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Hey, all Thrustmaster joysticks or yokes work with IF as long as you have a computer that can read it, for example: Mac and windows work well. You will need an app on your computer like shown in Yukirod_31’s message but there are other coming out soon.

I’m not sure how well this works with IF but the 787 system is a really good yoke and throttle system that I use with MSFS. The A-10(I think) HOTAS stick and throttle are also really good.

Thank you all, will the Thrustmaster thrust also work?

yes, the throttle quadrant plugs into the yoke, which plugs into your laptop

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