I want to buy a scale airport

Hey everyone, I want to buy a scale airport, but I don’t know how. Are there complete airport set in a pack or I have to buy it by different parts? If someone have built one, please tell me how.


I haven’t seen many “adult” airport sets only kid setsYou can buy the kid airport sets straight from the airline or little tikes


Buy it on eBay :)
But be aware that when you press ‘buy it now’ you already ordered the item withoud purchasing and you have to pay for it…


Well, my idea is to build or buy a 1:400 scale airport and buy the planes litrle by little


It’s pretty expensive


Thanks for advising


I think if you want a cheap airport model set you could build it yourself. Otherwise Gemini Jets does create nice 1:400 airports but could set you back $200+…

And these +200€ gemini airports can I buy them in “a piece”, like in a pack or I have to buy it in different components

I believe Gemini does sell separate airport models, such as service cars etc… Over time it would be a lot cheaper go save up and by a whole set on its own, rather than piece by piece.

So peace by peace means to buy a terminal, runways and taxiways and jetways

Yep, which will all be serperste costs and will eventually add up to more than if you were to just buy the whole airport by itself.

Ok, thanks. And if I want to buy it myself, which material you recommend?

I recommend this one from Gemini, a tad expensive however - Gemini Airport

And do you know how big it is? With my 1:400 A380 I made an approximate measure, but I’m not sure

I have never purchased so I am unsure, I believe it is of adequate size.

Well, I calculated that it is 1.10m long, but I think it is wrong

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I highly doubt a 1:400 scale A380 is 1.1m long though

I said the scale airport

The A380 1:400 is 18.175 cm long

Oh ok ,sorry about that