I want to become more helpful in the community.

Hi! Recently, I have been getting many PMs relating to the fact that I am giving lots of incorrect info to other users. I am trying to improve put to no avail! I feel really bad because all of my efforts to help others go down the drain. I really need your help on how to become a better member of the forum!


No need to beat yourself up. Many people feel the need to reply to every thread and that is not the case. It is ok if you are not 100% about something as we are all here to learn.

If you post something and someone corrects you, don’t take it as a personal attack. Take it as an opportunity to google it or look into it more to not just learn the answer but WHY the answer is what it is.

The community is full of knowledge from different backgrounds. I don’t know how many times I have come across a thread and walk away with “wow I did not know that” from something that I thought I knew.


Ok, thanks for that, it really makes my day better.


We all post incorrect info. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Also, I have learned in the past to read and research a lot of things before I post about them. Makes it a lot better


And to echo what Chris has said that, in my opinion, is what makes a great community

The ability to engage in healthly discussion and come away learning something

Dont put yourself down too much 👍


Thanks guys. I really appreciate the positive feedback on how to be helpful.

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Personaly, I think your a really regular ‘member’ here in the community who contributes a lot. I feel your doing a brilliant Job by helping people in the community and making the community a better place. But, their again the PMs you have been receiving is for the better of yourself and the community. Cheers! 🍻


No need to feel sorry 😉 You do whatbyu want and don‘t listen to other people if they tell you something that you think that you did wrong ;) It is important to who you are 😃

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One thing I can tell you is to be yourself. Putting on a fake character to bring yourself a better image doesn’t work for a long time, and isn’t well, you! To me you have shown a great example here on the community and am glad to be here with you! We all make mistakes and it’s all part of growing up. We can never be perfect because we are human, so don’t sweat it! :)


I’ve been there, thanks to starleys guidance (thanks starley!) in PMs, I’ve become a little more helpful in support the rare times I post there.
Definitely don’t kick yourself, it’s part of being human, we learn, we adapt, we share our knowlege with others.

we are all here to learn and find something in common!


Thanks a lot everyone


Wow, someone really cares I feel you, but Im not really on the forums much

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I’ve been in your position before, where I’ve given out false info or info that was difficult to understand as I didn’t explain clearly enough and therefore got mistaken as giving out incorrect info to the public.

If you are going to help someone, based on facts, then remember this one thing: “It’s Not About Who Delivers The Information First, It’s Who Does Is Correctly, With No Falsehood

When it comes to help others, in factual matters, it’s better to search it up, be 100% sure that you’re correct and then reply, giving them assistance. And better if you actually are able to memorize the facts and are therefore able to help multiple people over time with the same issue.

And as @Chris_S, Don’t take it as a personally, as attack against you, rather a learning opportunity. When someone tells you that you gave out the wrong information, then realize what you did wrong, which part was false and how you could fix it. What measurements are need to be done.

Most of the time, a simple sentence or word change can make it sound better or sometime you need to look through the whole text and rewrite it, and this time correct, so you become helpful towards others.

But most importantly, it’s not the whole world that you messed up a few times, as I said in the beginning, I’ve done it many times, even as a regular, so we all make mistakes, “Mistakes Makes Us Stronger And Realize What Faults We Had, Now Learn From The, Grow From Them, And Head Forward For A Brighter Day

I find many of your posts helpful, fun to read and interesting. From my perspective/View, you’re doing good, and I am happy to have you around here on IFC :)


Yet another great detailed explaination, thanks for all of the great comments!


Don’t worry mate everyone can feel that was sometimes.

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Well done on your post; you’ve had some lovely feedback and I subscribe to all of it.

I see a lot of people on this forum responding to (new) posts within 5 minutes and, while we have some very knowledgeable people here, it does make me think how well some considered their response before posting. I too see posts to which I feel like responding, but because I am unsure about the solution or answer, I keep quiet.

Perhaps the lessons for you could be to do the same: focus on quality posts and responses, including links to reference info, rather than speedy ones. And if you make an error…well, that’s all part of learning.

Keep up the good spirit! 😊


Dylan, you’re being hard on yourself. No one can be can be called a human without making mistakes. We’ve all been in your position, just tell yourself tomorrow is another day to improve. 👍

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Read the posts, think about what you can add or help with.

Consider carefully your response to make sure it’s factual, accurate and addresses the issue if relevant. If you don’t know then say you don’t know and if you make a mistake, admit it. We all get things wrong and mixed up occasionally.

Most importantly, play the ball not the player and don’t let yourself get drawn into bickering. Keep to the facts and keep it relevant and polite.

Above all else, enjoy yourself. :D


No matter your experience in aviation it’s a field where you’ll always be learning that’s what makes it great.


You guys are so motivating👍👍👍! Whenever should I make a mistake, I will move on and learn from them. Cause that’s what mistakes are for, right?