I want to become IFATC

Since I always loved planes m dad bought me the game when it came out I was little at that time

Really cool you aspire to be an IFATC!

I do suggest you start at the beginning though.
Controlling on Expert is a great goal, but I recommend for now, focus on growing from where you are now.

Contacting a recruiter is not the first step to become an IFATC!

I see you’ve been on this forum for only a month, so why don’t you have a good go at becoming a great pilot on Expert first. Read the #tutorials, view the Pilot and the IFATC training videos on YouTube and gain knowledge and skills to be an awesome pilot. And while you grow in your knowledge as a Pilot, increase your quality and skills as a controller on Training Server.

And then move on from there and talk to a recruiter, etc.

All this should give you plenty of time to address issues with your account.


How do I talk to a recruiter?

If you really want in IFATC, you’d take the time research the process. IFATC is fast paced and getting there can be tedious, therefore only serious and mature candidates will be considered. Now ask yourself, are you really qualified for the position when you haven’t even read the post that someone has directly linked above?


I’d love to become IFATC, I’ve been a member on here for a few months, got nearly 12,000 operations and I’m 44 years old… does anyone know how long it will take me to get to trust level on here or how long it will be before I can apply?


You already meet the trust level requirement, the operation requirement and the age requirement, so no worries here!

Just make sure that you meet the following requirements below;

  • Minimum stats to enter Expert Server (Grade 3)

  • No more than 50% violation to landings ratio

  • At least 60 days since last ghost

  • Good standing in the Infinite Flight Community

  • Valid email address

If you feel confident that you meet those standards, shoot off a direct message to one of the recruiters listed in the thread below, making sure to include the necessary details stated in the thread.

Let us know if you have any questions and I hope to see you in the team soon!



Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you were reported within the last week. This means you do not fulfill the requirements, as you cannot have been ghosted in the past 60 days.

On the bright side, this gives you time to familiarize yourself with the IFC and become integrated into the community. :)

Thanks Luke!
Great I will fire off an email to a recruiter. I live in London is there any specific recruiter I should contact so you know?
Thanks for all your help and hope to be part of the team soon.

No I’ve not been ghosted… not as far as I know!

Right, not you. You seem like a great candidate for IFATC. :) I was referring to the other guy, Edward.

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Thanks mate! Appreciate that. Hope I can get started soon!

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So…you didn’t read my post?


No worries!

There’s not really a set guideline on contacting a specific recruiter.

Though, as you’re from England, I’d recommend chucking a message to @Adam_Williams as he’s also in the same region so timezones should work nicely between you guys :)


Thanks Luke
Yes I’ve contacted Adam and all m going to send him all the info requested. Thanks for all your help and hope to catch up soon!

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Good luck:)

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I did read your post

But I did get ghosted for taxiing through others even thought all I did was taxi close to the other plane the controller was Mac104

And My pro subscription expired yesterday

That is unfortunate, but it does mean that you won’t be able to apply for IFATC within 60 days of that report. You can check your logbook to see when you can apply again.

I still have to wait till I get an ITunes gift card again so I can get a pro subscription again