I want tickets to Philippines

Hello guys
Um…I want to go to philippines now…yeah
Ok, i was amazed by the scenery here, but i cannot imagine how beautiful it is irl…

Flight: quick hop, RPVM-RPLL
Aircraft: A321 (i love it now)

Here are some photos :)

At gate

Nice takeoff (just trust me, it looked nice)

Handflying to FL100 (because why not??)

Descending into Manila

Did two 360s because ATC told me to and i dont want any violations :/

gear down


-110 fpm, a bit off centerline, but -110 fpm!! (and there were some crosswinds, but ok, i guess im just making excuses :/)

arrived :)

hoping to go there at least once irl
thank you for reading this :)


Thats pretty smart