I want host a air show I just participated in one and I would like to host one my self

Please don’t do acrobatic stuff in jets that are not fighter jets.

Don’t be the person who screws the whole thing up.

It will be hosted at DFW

Try to make a display team

If not do something else I don’t really care.

Say what plane you are in.

I need someone in a F-16 to drift.

if the new update comes out before the show don’t be in ERJ-175s because that will ruin it.

12PM -1PM maybe not sure

BTW it’s central time if you don’t know what time and you want to join look it up.

Just reply and say what plane you are in and if you are going March 20th is win it will be happening.

Casual server

The doesn’t really help at all. Nor is it necessary to make a comment like that with no instruction.

lemme help you out.

Take a look here for the category rules for how to format this:

Along with that, you would need to have the date and time (Zulu time zone) in your title as well!

Happy flying!

I know that now thanks :|

Please follow the template and guidelines for #live:groupflights