I want fire tankers in infinite flight because to help fight fires

Hey Mason!

I agree. Fire tankers would be pretty sweet to have. We do have the 10 Tanker Air aircraft already. This can be found under the DC10 list of aircraft. Definitely check it out! Its a neat aircraft. even has the ability to open the water bomb bay doors 😉

As for the other aircraft, we may already have specific feature requests for those in the #features category. Simply going into the upper right hand corner and searching for that specific aircraft rather than a group of aircraft will often give you the results you’re looking for.

If no feature requests are or have been made, you’re more than welcome to make an individual request when you meet the necessary Trust Level to do so. Right now, you’re a new user (TL0). You will need to wait until you reach the Member user (TL2) level to create such feature requests. Being active here on the forum is the only way to get you to the next levels. Interact with others by liking their posts, making your own topics and generating replies on others’ topics will help progress you through the ranks.

Thanks for the understanding and have a wonderful day!