I want ATC at Singapore,Atlanta and Los Angeles in game

Please, I need ATC URGENTLY In WSSS, EHAM, KATL and KLAX from 30\12\17 - 25\12\18. the Atc assisting me tomorrow will have to be on duty until 1\1\18 but if you cant be ATC on this date that’s okay. I very generous and I will treat it as a one-off but the Tenth time it happens I won’t be so forgiving that may Sound VERY BOSSY but I’m trying to make your Life as easy as pie. Once you’ve contributed there will be a thank\Praise topic in the community to thank everyone who contributed.
apologies to the Developers and moderators I know that I’ve just had my 1st official warning but everyone deserves a 2nd chance am I right.
Ps, Everyone joining in don’t let the bit about the .o.w. ("Official Warning) put you off from joining in.
Apologies again Devs & Mods

Okay, this “Requesting ATC” topics need to stop. I get that we want ATC service at the airports we depart from and arrive to. But we can’t have every pilot, or even 30% of them creating topics requesting ATC or we won’t have anything but those topics here.

Thank you!