I want 737M free in IF

I don’t know what to say but if they finish the max,I want it free.


it most likely won’t be

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Because pro is expensive in Ringgit Malaysia,is RM42.99 I think.


It will be pro because, they have to spend time and money to get a new/reworked aircraft in infinite flight.

Yeah,is expensive.
In dollar,is cheap,but in Ringgit,is a deadly spend.
They need to make the pro is cheaper,so I can afford it.

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And I want a 1000 bucks. Come on, it’s expensive to develop. They can’t make it cheaper, they have a business to run.
On Discord, there sometimes is a giveaway for a free month of Pro, participate in those - you might be the lucky one, if money is an issue. :)


The problem is that they can’t, the price will not go down because the higher quality the simulator gets, the more expensive it will become.

Oh,so when the plane physics is getting realistic,the more expensive the pro right?

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Yes, sadly 😕

It’s very likely that other users share the same opinion as you. However, developing aircraft is an enormous cost, and an on-going one too. It’s been said numerous times that the free offerings in-app will become less and less as older, previously free aircraft are reworked; and new additions to the fleet are highly unlikely to be added for free - the 737MAX included.

Pro prices are unlikely to be reduced either - they’ve been the same since the subscription model has been embraced, which is actually pretty impressive to think about, considering the inflation rates.

Infinite Flight does organize subscription giveaways every now and then on streams, though, so you have a chance to win 1 month of Pro by just pure luck. I’d suggest keeping an eye out for such giveaways.


I’m just 13 years old so I don’t have lots of money.


Oh the price are still the same.I thought is gonna be more expensive.

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People need to be paid. Unless someone’s willing to work for free.


So I need to work for free to get free stuff in IF?

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Or pay to get paid stuff :)


What is the work I need to do?

Like airport scenery editor?

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Airport editing is not a game development


Is there any link for this game development?

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No just no.