I wanna see cool waterfall: PART 1, Southwest

Hello everyone, this is part one of two of my trip report series on a flight to Las Vegas, out of Sarasota. I wanna see that big water feature thingy in Vegas :D… I’m pretty sure I can fly direct but we running low on money so we gotta connect on two separate low costs airlines today. The first one will actually be my first time on this airline, I’ve heard mixed opinions in it before. Hint: 737 king of the southwest… oh-

Todays flight will be operating as southwest 939, departing Sarasota at 4:45 Pm. It will be on a 737-800, in the canyon blue colors. Let’s go.

Photo from my - the captains logbook that I accessed by opening the book- I mean violently stealing it… He would like to apologize for his messy handwriting.

The plane was already at the gate because another flight it was supposed to operate on was canceled. I do love that livery.

Pretty steep turn after departure… we departed 4 mins early :D

We where spotted by our space friends over the Gulf of Mexico!

A lovely surprise for me- I mean my pilots was ATC was active at Atlanta when we landed!

We arrived at 5:57PM local time. My connecting flight is supposed to depart at 6:15! This is cutting it deadly close! See you then in the next one! Thanks for viewing :)


Your 737 right now:


Hey dude

Nice shots! I really enjoyed this topic!

Just a tip for the future… don’t go chasing waterfalls. Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to. :P

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I tried, lol

I mean with an A320 window too…

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Couldn’t find a green screen 737 lol


Good photos, trip report but in photos, nice!

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