I wanna do a formation flight with some Fighter Jets anyone down?

If you want to be in the formation tell me your Callsign and what Fighter Jet you will be in we will also need some Tankers in case we need more fuel mid formation. Server will be casual. We will be taking off from Little Rock AFB and landing at JFK Intl. We will takeoff at 2:30 HST. Join the discord server here: https://discord.gg/CRcBkcs

Joey Edgar: F-22
OwenKreisler: Tanker

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There are people in formations and giving out fuel with the tankers in this topic ;).

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Seing you’re interested in Fighter formations, maybe consider joining one of the many Military themed airlines. I personally like this one.

Ok will check it out do you wanna be in the formation?

I can’t right right now, but we have weekly trainings in the Guard.

Are you gonna be in the formation?

Server is Casual
Altitude is 34 thousand feet

Thanks for the refuel. That was awesome!

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