I wanna appeal

So I need to appeal another violation cus I forget to ask clearance to enter runway for the millionth time the atc was @Butter575 and this was at the Innsbruck fly out

You can contact your controller to attempt an appeal if you know who they are.
There is also an appeals team if you don’t know who the controller is or there is a disagreement.

As I told you before, you entered the runway without permission which was why I gave you the violation. Appeals is meant for violations that were given by mistake and this violation was justified already


Plss I just got ES and didn’t even do any flight on that yet

Butter and whyevenbotheringnaming explained pretty well. The report was not a mistake and it was reasonable, if you read the documents I sent you, you will be a good pilot and you won’t get reported


oh, c’mon
just take your time on practicing some ATC communication on TS and retern to ES in 7 days, that’s not a disaster at all 🙂

Ok fine but next time I’m in a flyout or airport with @Butter575 or anyone im gonna make a checklist on a piece of paper just so I don’t forget to ask clearance

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You don’t need a checklist, this is just basic common sense in the aviation world. You don’t enter runways without clearence.


Yes but there’s no ask for clearance to board runway button

yes there is, its called “request departure”

In a situation where you would need to back taxi to the runway in order to depart, its best just to request departure, then when ATC clears you, you can then enter the runway

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You’ve accurately highlighted the reason behind receiving a violation—entering a runway without clearance. The Appeals team is primarily focused on addressing violations caused by system errors or instances where the controller or situation was not accurate (level 2 and 3 violations). Unfortunately, in your case, it seems this option isn’t applicable.

I highly advise you to invest some time in the Infinite Flight user guide. By thoroughly reading, learning, and understanding the guidelines, you can enhance your skills and return to the Expert Server with greater confidence. Here’s a link to the guide to assist you in navigating take-off and departure procedures: Infinite Flight User Guide - Take-off and Departure.

Take your time to absorb the information, and I’m confident you’ll return to the Expert Server more prepared than ever before. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask.