I’ve visited the forum for 98 days, but have only had an account for 97?

I found this very interesting, as today is July 9th and April 3rd, the day I made my account here, was 97 days ago. When I go to the Users section of the site, it shows me as having visited 98 days. I know it doesn’t matter that much, but it perplexes me how and why is this happening. Could someone who is an expert with Discourse help me out?


It could just be a glitch

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Hey! It is 98 days if we include today’s date in the calculation. So April 3rd to July 9th would be 97 days, but if we include today’s date it would be 98 days. Do you see what I’m saying here?


Yeah, I see that. Counting from April 3rd to now is like counting starting at 1 with no 0, but once you have 0, it makes sense.

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