I’ve Heard You All Asking...

There no mention of a fire being onboard in this article

Sure sure let yourself think about what you said

Guys… anyway let’s not argue this… after all this has taken 157 innocent souls. Should be respecting this incident… As for now we don’t know what has caused this incident so lets not speculate and argue

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@MishaCamp time to close

No… it’s time for you to stop starting arguments and going off topic. I made this to talk about the 737 and ET302, not for you guys to have arguments on Boeing and Airbus.

I didn’t but ok lol

As @Canadian1337 stated earlier… Air France 296 happened… Indian Airlines flight 605 happened… both crashes on the a320 that we’re heavily influenced by the aircraft itself excluding the pilots.

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kinda did… should just left your opinion instead of moaning to others about what they say

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Perhaps thats true on Indian Airlines 605 but (although controversial) the final report on AF296 says it was pilot error

Boys lets not turn this into another Airbus v Boeing thread

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Fun’s over. Just read the article… no need to argue.