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I know there is a lot of talk after the tragic events that occurred on ET302. One of the main topics of discussion was if American couriers we’re going to ground any 737 MAXs. Well, I saw this article, thought you guys might find it interesting


I believe who ever us using the Boeing 737-8 MAX series should ground there aircraft… Safety of passengers is definitely a priority over making money… and business

Makes me angry seeing this.


To be honest, what worries me more is the fact that Boeing had a similar issue with the B787 being grounded due to faulty design. Maybe Boeing are being too hasty in manufacturing their aircraft? There haven’t been issues like this on Airbus aircraft.

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It seams like this could all be pilot error, but false readings were reported on the aircraft in the lion air crash, so that could also play a factor. However, United would have to cancel alot of domestic flights it hey did that.

I think that’s a very incorrect statement. I personally believe airlines need to maintain their planes better and closely monitor anything wrong. What happened in Ethiopia was different than in Jakarta, as far as we know. Yes there may be problems with certain MAX’ but don’t assume every thing is wrong.

Actually the incidents in Jakarta and Addis Ababa are very similar - both very new 737 MAXs, both just after take off.

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Let’s not forget some wing crack issues, engine issues on the 380.

I would disagree on the last part. The A320 has some problems in its early stages: Air France 296.
A380 also has had some problems


@MishaCamp probably a little opinionated maybe time to close this up…

Yeah but one was because of MACS and one was an onboard fire

Engines are selected by airlines and aren’t manufactured by Airbus. The issues were with Rolls Royce - who have enough issues of their own (i.e. engines on the 787 and 777)

Time post an unpopular opinion -
I don’t see the US grounding them. They haven’t had an issue and yet we’ve seen two over sea incidents. Now I am not going speculate but it’s interesting think about.

Where did you find that it was an onboard fire?

To be honest I think Boeing have got to cocky with all these new aircraft at once and they need to focus on true safety after the past 3 major incidents have been Boeing operated. If the 737 max 8 and 9 is really “reviloutionary” then there shouldn’t have been two major accidents within 6months

In the statement by ET

Well as we know. two 737 max aircraft have crashed in less than half a year… that’s 346 innocent lives gone there… think about that. Best thing is to ground the aircraft. Find the issue, then resolve the issues on all other b737-8MAX aircraft to make the sky’s once safe again !

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Can you provide a link? I’ve not seen this information anywhere

I agreee but when it was two different types of incidents it isn’t connected they are different reasons different investigations

You keep referencing that the incidents were different but you haven’t provided any factual information proving them so